What is a bellydance co-op?

Co-op is short form for cooperative; not the resting places for chickens. In this scenario, we make all decisions together – there is not a troupe leader. Each of us has special skills that we bring to the troupe and we each handle different aspects of running the troupe.

Can I join the troupe?

The troupe is open to new members on a per case basis.

You need to have a certain ability with basic bellydance techniques, a LOVE of dancing, be able to commit both time and money to practices, performances, costume making and all the stuff behind the scenes (designing, organizing etc…).
We’d rather have someone who is willing to put the extra effort in than someone who is polished in skill.

To inquire further, please contact us.

I’d love to have you perform – what’s the cost?

Our flat rate is $200, this includes four dancers and 3 – 4 routines.

If you are organizing a fundraiser we accept honorariums or trades.

We don’t need a lot to perform but there a few things we need in order to pull off a fantastic show:

* a place to change (and be really messy). Often there’s only ONE minute to do a complete costume change – we need a space that we can take over 20 minutes before, during and after the show.
* the date & length of the show – we need time to practice, arrange the music and our schedules

What’s the difference between Tribal and other styles of bellydance?

There are several styles of bellydance; tribal is generally an edgier style. You’ll see this in how our arms are held (yes, we have to hold our arms up for an hour at practice every week), how our knees are bent and what kind of shimmies and hip circles we do.

Mountain Shadows mainly focuses on tribal, but you’ll see hints of swing, bollywood, egyptian, street, and hip-hop. There are just too many amazing styles to pick just one.

I thought you were Arabian Mountain Spice?

Many years ago our beautiful leader Sandra started offering bellydance in town. It was a HUGE hit. We are forever grateful to Sandra and Arabian Mountain Spice for introducing us to bellydance. Mountain Shadows Tribal Cooperative is a subset of Arabian Mountain Spice dancers who just happen to like things a little edgier.

We perform with and under the name Arabian Mountain Spice as well as Mountain Shadows Tribal Co-op.