Hiring the troupe for a ladies night, bachelorette, or other events.

We love having a good time with other women who are excited to learn a few shakes and shimmy moves.

You provide the space, we provide the instruction and music.

Please contact us for more information about costs and availability.

Please note: we do not perform at Bachelor parties, or in bars.

Hiring the troupe for a performance

We’re excited to be a part of your event. Here’s what we need:

  • Change area. Often there’s a small window (2 minutes or less) to change costumes, so we need a space somewhat close to the stage area to be able to change quickly.
  • Stage size. We need to know the size of the space so that we don’t fall off of it.
  • Length of time you want us to dance. We are willing to work within any time requirements just let us know a week in advance.
  • Musical format. Please check in with your sound person and let us know at least a week prior to the performance day (unless other arrangements have been made).
  • Sound check (day of). We all work, please let us know an appointment time as soon as you can so that one of us can arrange to be there.
  • Fee or honorarium. It takes hours of practice time and getting dressed for an event, investment in education/classes/workshops and costumes. Flat rate of $200 for 3-4 dances, let us know what works for you for payment.  If it’s a fundraiser we will gratefully accept honorariums or trades (meals/massages/wine/chocolate/shoes/sparkly things).


Please do not cut the music part way through the performance. Not only is it disorienting for us, it makes the performance less smooth.  We do not have the ability to edit the music the day of a performance.

If you have an announcer, please make sure that they do not talk over the music (we need to hear the cues), and that s/he knows our name.